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Chords for Justin Bieber's Believe album
primanota wrote in justinbieber

Today is a good day for all Justin Bieber's fans! His new album Believe was released some times ago, but now our site presents an exclusive - full and accurate chords' compilation of Justin's new songs!

Need to say that there was already been published chords for some songs on other sites. But all of them have mass of errors. Our chords written by professional musician and are true! Play with pleasure :)

  1. All Around The World
  2. Boyfriend
  3. As Long As You Love Me
  4. Catching Feelings
  5. Take You
  6. Right Here
  7. Fall
  8. Die in your arms
  9. Thought Of You
  10. Beauty And A Beat
  11. One Love
  12. Be Alright
  13. Believe
  14. Out Of Town Girl
  15. She Don't Like The Lights
  16. Maria
Original here:


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