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Welcome to justinbieber! Your first & only #1 source for everything Justin Bieber. You can post whatever you want here; pictures, videos, etc. Whatever you like! Feel free to get a little ~sexual~ every now and then if you feel you need to. :) Please read the rules + info before you join! Thank-you!
Disclaimer: We are not Justin Bieber. We have never met him nor do we have contact with him personally/electronically (computer, cell phone). + We cannot be held reliable for any copyright that goes on in this community.
The Rules:
- Please keep posts related to JBieb
- Please do not flame or harrass other members
- Please use the tags (ask a mod to add a tag for you if there isn't a suitable one)
- Download posts must be friend's locked
- Please source your article/news posts
- Large pictures and videos are to be kept under a lj cut
- If you're having a problem with a member, contact one of the mods
- No spamming

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